Whether you’re looking for your first CrossFit box or looking for a new box, Land Warrior is a great place to be! No matter what your physical ability, you can find a home here! I was never athletic growing up, but longed to get and stay in shape as an adult. I tried every fitness routine out there over the past 10 years; you name it, I had it…in three easy monthly installments! Nothing kept my interest for any length of time and I always found myself back where I started: overweight, sluggish and frustrated. Then I found Land Warrior CrossFit!

Over the past two years I have grown immensely in every facet of life. Not only am I physically stronger, but mentally and emotionally as well. My husband and daughter have also joined and our fellow Warriors have become an extension of our family. Everyone we’ve met at LWCF has had an impact on our lives. We are continually amazed that so many wonderful people could be found in one place. We have built lifelong friendships and are the healthiest and happiest we’ve ever been.

Everything Land Warrior does is done with excellence! The coaching staff is extremely knowledgeable, always encouraging and thoroughly passionate about what they do. There are a variety of class times to fit any schedule. There are specialty classes like Olympic Lifting, partner workouts and Yoga. The equipment is top notch, the entire facility is always clean and they even partner with a meal service where you can purchase healthy meals on the go.

Land Warrior provides an atmosphere where you can truly thrive in every aspect of life. If it sounds too good to be true, test it out and see for yourself! This place will definitely change you if you let it! “

-Kelli M.

I like seeing older athletes at Land Warrior Crossfit. Actually, I like seeing athletes of all ages working out at LWC: athletes of varying backgrounds and abilities, different goals, so many personalities, colors, sizes and shapes. But we all have one goal in common: to improve.

Improving means something different to each athlete: to be stronger, improve mobility, lose weight, gain weight, consume more healthful foods, be disciplined – motivations are as numerous as athletes. Maybe it is just good friends and company that attracts a member. It is all found at LWC.

The motto at LWC is, “This place will change you, if you let it.” It does. And, always for the better. To achieve this, the coaches are respectful of your current level of athleticism so that you do improve; they encourage and challenge you, but you are never at risk. The coaches demonstrate proper movement and form and explain why it is important. They also show improper form and why it can be dangerous or not beneficial.

The LWC gym is spacious and clean, and the equipment put away after workouts. We clean up after ourselves. When the WOD is finished, it is fistbumps all around. Good workouts. Good spirits. I recommend LWC to young and old, athlete or non-athlete. It will change you and you will like the person you become.

I started by saying that I like seeing older athletes at LWC. That’s because I am one: an older person with little athletic experience who took the plunge, and I Iove it!”

-Mary Lou P.

I look forward to going to the gym every day because of Land Warrior CrossFit. The friendly and knowledgeable staff make working out fun and encourage a can-do attitude that is infectious. Whether it is your first time or your hundredth time doing CrossFit, the exercises conform to your skill level and ensure a thorough workout. Land Warrior has created a community of athletes that exercise, laugh, and have fun together. Instead of walking around aimlessly at a conventional gym, wondering what to do, the workouts are all planned out for you every day by the coaches. Each workout is programmed to be an hour of continuous work so you can get back to the rest of your day. I would highly recommend Land Warrior CrossFit to anyone, any age, and any skill level.”

-Brady S.

Bill and I started coming to Land Warrior in January 2015. Bill would go in the
morning, I would go at night. Having 3 kids (2 that play multiple sports) we
became very busy. In January 2016, we decided we wanted to become healthier as a
family. The Land Warrior family allowed us to bring all the 3 kids with us as we
worked out. Not only does it help us stay fit and healthy but we believe it
shows our children that strength, endurance and hard work really pays off. We
have built many friendships with the athletes at LWCF and truly consider them
our family. “

-Bill and Christy B.

I think when people think “exercise” it means different things to different people. To me, exercise means de-stressing from my day and trying to give myself the best chance to live a longer and healthier lifestyle for not only myself but also my loved ones.

I think when people think “Crossfit” it also means different things to different people. I have been doing Crossfit for about 1.5 years and realized shortly after starting that either you love it or hate it. There is NO middle ground. For all the proponents of the benefits of Crossfit, there are just as many bashers out there claiming that Crossfit is just a fad that will disappear as fast as it came. In my humble opinion, I doubt that since for those that Crossfit it provides a challenge and camaraderie that is unmatched in almost any other type of exercise program. There is nothing like completing a grueling workout and staying around to help cheer on fellow members as they work through the last few hard reps. There has not been a day gone by that I have not looked forward to coming to the gym knowing that I will be challenged by not only my coaches but also my own internal fire to give it my best shot during that workout (it also helps competing against some of the members where friendly rivalries have been formed).

I am also certain the LWCF means different things to different people. To me, it is such a special place and I felt that way from the first time I walked in the door and met Coach Tripp. I signed up to become the first member when the gym was just a shell of its current self. Coach Tripp’s vision of what he wanted the gym to become and his enthusiasm for Crossfit overall had me hooked knowing full well this is where I wanted to train. Not to say that the gym has not had growing pains along the way but looking at the Box now it is almost unrecognizable from even the 1st day I worked out. It has grown in a positive way that I am sure even Coach Tripp will be surprised when he returns from his deployment. LWCF is such a special place that is welcoming to all walks of life including even my kids who plead to come with me every time I go.

Coach Tripp I look forward to your return and getting my workout buddy back! I highly recommend LWCF to anybody thinking about trying Crossfit as you will not be disappointed with your decision to be trained by some of the best Coaches out there!”

-Jonathan S.