Athlete of the Month

June Athlete’s of the Month

NAME: Bill and Christy Baril

HOMETOWN: Suffield, CT

Bill- 41
Christy- 39

Bill- Claims Representative @ Farmers Insurance
Christy- 2nd grade teacher

INTERESTING FACT: We have the opposite likes and dislikes when it comes to workouts. Bill loves wall balls and hates burpees and Christy hates wall balls and loves burpees. We have found that it is very helpful for motivating each other and prevents the other from cherry picking!!

Bill- Any type of clean
Christy- Deadlift

Bill- anything that has cleans and wall balls
Christy- Cindy; anything with deadlifts

Bill- any workout that is considered a sprint
Christy- anything with overhead squats

HOW DID YOU START CROSSFIT? We tried gyms like Planet Fitness and did P90x workouts but never really loved them or looked forward to those workouts. We heard about Crossfit through Kevin and Stacey Salters and decided to give it a try. We stopped into LW 2 1/2 years ago and met with the owner, Dave Tripp. From the second we walked in we could tell that it was a community of friends that were there to support and motivate each other. One of the best parts about LW is how accommodating they are to our 3 kids: Rylie, Logan and Colin. There aren’t many gyms that allow kids to attend the workouts. The coaches and athletes see this as a great opportunity to instill a love of working out and being healthy at such a young age. There’s nothing better than working out next to your 10 year old daughter or hearing your kids cheer you on when you’re about to hit a wall.

HOBBIES OUTSIDE OF CROSSFIT: Our #1 hobby is watching Rylie, Logan and Colin play baseball/softball, soccer and basketball. We also like to travel….especially to Cape Cod.

WHAT KEEPS YOU COMING BACK TO LWCF? One of the biggest perks of LWCF is the feeling you get when you begin and complete a workout. There are many days when we look at a workout and think “there is no way I’m going to be able to do this.” However, once the music starts blaring and the countdown begins, the nervous/anxious feeling goes away and you start to work. The adrenaline kicks in and you push yourself to a point you never thought your body could go. The feeling you get once the workout is over and you realize that you finished is indescribable. Another reason that we keep coming back to LWCF is because it’s diversified. You will never do the same workout within the same week. However, the workouts allow you to set attainable goals and work to achieve those goals. The final and most important reason we keep coming back to LWCF is the community. We have made so many friends that have become more like family! They are always there to give you a hug or high-five after you complete a workout, cheer you on when you have lost your motivation or scream at you because they know you can do better!

Bill-butterfly pull ups and handstand push ups
Christy- I would love to be able to do kipping pull ups and double unders.

ADVICE FOR SOMEONE NEW TO CROSSFIT: All you have to do is walk through the door! It may look/sound intimidating but every workout can be scaled to your ability. Focus on your abilities and how you can grow physically and mentally. Don’t try and compete with anyone else and don’t try to be a hero. The coaches (and athletes) are there to help you. Listen to their strategies and advice and each day you will see yourself improve. You will be able to do things you never thought you’d be capable of doing.

WHAT CLASS DO YOU NORMALLY ATTEND?: It all depends on the sports season but our favorite is the 6:30pm class.

May Athlete of the Month

NAME: Kristy Organ
HOMETOWN: Suffield, CT
AGE: 38
OCCUPATION: I work in the office at Poquonock Elementary in Windsor, CT
INTERESTING FACT: I am a total numbers geek.
LEAST FAVORITE WOD:  I don’t have one yet. I could do without the Assault Bike.
HOW DID YOU START CROSSFIT? A few of my friends are members and had been talking about it for a while. I finally decided to give it a try.
HOBBIES OUTSIDE OF CROSSFIT: I love spending time with my two boys, Ryan (8) and Drew (10).
WHAT KEEPS YOU COMING BACK TO LWCF?  First and foremost are the people. The sense of community and acceptance is amazing. I love having my boys there while I workout. It’s important for them to see their mom work hard and get stronger each week. They are always there to cheer me on if I get tired and need a little motivation to get through the workout. I also enjoy challenging myself each day and proving that little voice that says I can’t do something, wrong.
GOAL FOR THE NEXT 6-12 MONTHS:  I think it’s important to work on my form and understanding my limits.  I will continue to work on the movements while increasing weight and speed in increments. I would also like to start competing at a scaled level if possible.
ADVICE FOR SOMEONE NEW TO CROSSFIT: It took me about a year to finally walk into LWCF. I was so nervous and convinced I wouldn’t be able to do the workout.  Then something crazy happened, I did it!  The coach will modify all workouts to what you are capable of. All the coaches and members are very supportive and will be there to help and guide you before you even have a chance to ask. I can’t say it’s for everyone. You will need to work hard and you will push your body to places that you didn’t know you could, but that’s the greatest reward. I am completely amazed by how strong I am and for an extra bonus your body will transform quickly.  Everyday is a different workout and at the start of class the coach will go over each component of that workout with everyone regardless of if it’s your first class or you’ve been going for years.  In my short 4 months at LWCF I have already made lifelong friends, I have a purpose for me everyday and I am a better mom and wife because of it.  Do yourself a favor and give it a chance. It is life changing.
WHAT CLASS DO YOU NORMALLY ATTEND?: I try to go to the 4pm. The boys love going and have made their own little crew of friends during that time.

April Athlete of the Month

NAME: Amanda Schiessl

HOMETOWN: Windsor Locks, CT

AGE: 25

OCCUPATION: Interprofessional Student Coordinator for CHC, Inc.
INTERESTING FACT: I was on Nickelodean’s Slime Time Live. I carried worms in my mouth!
FAVORITE WOD: Anything with rowing or assault bike
LEAST FAVORITE WOD: Everything with burpees
HOW DID YOU START CROSSFIT? I told Coach Chris Musco that I’d never do CrossFit! A couple months later, he encouraged me to try out the three free classes promotion (I couldn’t argue against a three free classes promotion!) and I was hooked after the first free class. It’s been a fun, rewarding and fulfilling year and a half at Land Warrior!
HOBBIES OUTSIDE OF CROSSFIT: Reading, hiking, cooking and spending time with family
WHAT KEEPS YOU COMING BACK TO LWCF? Being a part of the Land Warrior Family has brought endless positivity to every aspect of my life- from the way the workouts make me feel to the remarkable people!
GOAL FOR THE NEXT 6-12 MONTHS: Hand stand hold and pull-up
ADVICE FOR SOMEONE NEW TO CROSSFIT: It may seem intimating in the beginning but I found focusing on the way finishing a WOD made me feel strong physically and mentally helped me conquer that feeling.

March Athlete of the Month

NAME: Nancy LeMay

HOMETOWN: Windsor Locks

AGE: 57

OCCUPATION: Data Analyst, Travelers Insurance

INTERESTING FACT: Having been obese my whole life, and approaching the mid-life crisis of turning 50, I finally decided to get my health under control. 7 1/2 years later, I’ve shed 220 lbs., 5 separate medications for heart arrhythmias, participated in 2 Crossfit Open’s and a couple of competitions!


FAVORITE WOD: Anything Chipper style

LEAST FAVORITE WOD: Anything with Thrusters in it.

HOW DID YOU START CROSSFIT? Once I started getting my health under control , I began personal training with Coach Jason about 5 years ago. Eventually, he encouraged me to try it. I wasn’t real thrilled about it in the beginning, but I trusted him and his advice. In retrospect, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

HOBBIES OUTSIDE OF CROSSFIT: Various types of Volunteer work. I actually find it relaxing to do activities like that.

WHAT KEEPS YOU COMING BACK TO LWCF? The philosophy of Crossfit, This Community in particular, the Coaches, and the awesome athletes that I see every time I’m there!

GOAL FOR THE NEXT 6-12 MONTHS: Double unders and pull ups.

ADVICE FOR SOMEONE NEW TO CROSSFIT: Be patient, stay positive. Don’t worry about you are doing in relation to everyone else in class, just work hard. It’s an amazing experience, and the rewards are priceless.


February Athlete of the Month

NAME: Jason Werenski

HOMETOWN: Suffield

AGE: 17

OCCUPATION: Senior in high school

INTERESTING FACT: I’m attending Johns Hopkins University in the fall and my favorite school subject is calculus.



LEAST FAVORITE WOD: Anything with the assault bike

HOW DID YOU START CROSSFIT? My dad was doing crossfit and recommended that I do it during the summer so I could get stronger. I joined the week that school ended and only stopped during soccer season.

HOBBIES OUTSIDE OF CROSSFIT: Outside of crossfit, I play a lot of soccer. Usually I will either play at the high school on my own or at a practice for my club team.

WHAT KEEPS YOU COMING BACK TO LWCF? The people and the diversity of exercises bring me back. The class I go to is for high school-aged athletes and I enjoy working out with them. The coaches are supportive and also have a good sense of humor. Lastly, every day’s workout is different which allows me to improve all my movements.

GOAL FOR THE NEXT 6-12 MONTHS: I want to gain 10 to 15 pounds by summer’s end while maintaining and improving my ability and speed.

ADVICE FOR SOMEONE NEW TO CROSSFIT: Bring a friend! I’m sure you will make friends in the classes you attend whether it’s a coach or a member, but bringing a friend always adds a little comfort in the first few days.

WHAT CLASS DO YOU NORMALLY ATTEND?: The 2:45 class for high school students and occasionally the 4:00 class.

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NAME: Jenna Salters




INTERESTING FACT: I love my job of working on a dairy farm!



LEAST FAVORITE WOD: Fran with the assault bike

HOW DID YOU START CROSSFIT? My dad started going and told me about it. It took me a while to come, but after the first class i loved it.

HOBBIES OUTSIDE OF CROSSFIT:Other hobbies…? The gym is life

WHAT KEEPS YOU COMING BACK TO LWCF? All the people and coaches, and knowing that each day you just get better and better.

GOAL FOR THE NEXT 6-12 MONTHS: My goal is to do my best in the open and just have fun

ADVICE FOR SOMEONE NEW TO CROSSFIT: Just walk through the doors, it isn’t as scary as it seems

WHAT CLASS DO YOU NORMALLY ATTEND? Night classes normally 4 or 5:15

December Athlete of the Month


NAME: Maria Puetz


AGE: 25


INTERESTING FACT: I can eat a Jim Dandy by myself in one sitting


FAVORITE WOD: Any WOD which include burpees




WHAT KEEPS YOU COMING BACK TO LWCF? The community, I love the feeling of accomplishing a WOD that I find intimidating, creating new PRs.

Consistency, I would like to complete a pull-up/ring dip w/o a scale.

ADVICE FOR SOMEONE NEW TO CROSSFIT: Leave your ego behind, instead use that energy to inspire and encourage others. If you have to chose between inspiration and intimidation always chose inspiration.

430 pm

November Athlete of the Month

NAME: George Fields

HOMETOWN: Suffield

AGE: 51

OCCUPATION: Owner of Suffield Hardware

INTERESTING FACT: Love to camp outside in the wilderness, spring, summer, fall and winter.




HOW DID YOU START CROSSFIT? Wanted to find a way to get healthy


WHAT KEEPS YOU COMING BACK TO LWCF? The drive to improve in all aspects of the sport.

GOAL FOR THE NEXT 6-12 MONTHS: To get double unders and pull ups.

ADVICE FOR SOMEONE NEW TO CROSSFIT: Take your time and listen to your coaches.

WHAT CLASS DO YOU NORMALLY ATTEND?: 8:30 am and 6:30 pm.

October Athlete of the Month


NAME: Elizabeth Accorsi

HOMETOWN: East Windsor

AGE: 33


INTERESTING FACT: I love board and card games.




HOW DID YOU START CROSSFIT? I was talked into trying a free week over 3 years ago and was hooked after the first workout.

WHAT KEEPS YOU COMING BACK TO LWCF? The coaches, the athletes, the challenge.

GOAL FOR THE NEXT 6-12 MONTHS: Get stronger, faster and stay positive.

ADVICE FOR SOMEONE NEW TO CROSSFIT: Just keep coming every day and you will amaze yourself.



September Athlete of the Month


NAME: Kevin Charland
HOMETOWN: West Suffield


OCCUPATION: Clinical Specialist for Neurosurgical Navigation

INTERESTING FACT: I worked 3 jobs, 80-100 hours/week and had my daughter while going to college. I skipped most of my classes so I could work and showed up to take my tests. I graduated with the best clinical scores in my class.

FAVORITE LIFT: Front and Back Squats


LEAST FAVORITE WOD: The last one that I missed the time cap on. I start clean the next class and know that I will beat my score the next time around.

HOW DID YOU START CROSSFIT? I have a 6 year old son and I want to be as physically active with him as I was with my 25 year old daughter and 23 year old son when they were his age. I want to be able to keep up with him even through his high school years. Since starting crossfit at 45 years old, I feel that I am in the best cardiovascular shape that I have been in since high school.

HOBBIES OUTSIDE OF CROSSFIT: I love sports. I play volleyball, street hockey, softball and vintage baseball. I coach little league baseball, soccer and street hockey.

WHAT KEEPS YOU COMING BACK TO LWCF? Mostly the coaches and the bonds that have been built with them and the other athletes. I’ve never heard a single discouraging word spoken about any athlete there. Everyone supports one another and encourages each other to push hard and complete the work out. It’s unlike any gym I’ve ever worked out at. I’m also very proud to be apart of a group of people who work hard to give back to their community.

GOAL FOR THE NEXT 6-12 MONTHS: master double unders, muscle ups on both the bar and rings and complete Murph in under 50 minutes.

ADVICE FOR SOMEONE NEW TO CROSSFIT: Don’t be intimidated! The coaches are awesome. They will modify any work out to fit your ability. You have no idea how capable you are until you give it a try. The feelings of accomplishment you will have after completing a work out will make you want to come back again and again. You will sweat and push yourself to your limits but you will see unbelievable results in a short amount of time.

WHAT CLASS DO YOU NORMALLY ATTEND?: I don’t have a normal work schedule so I show up to which ever class I can make. Sundays are my favorite.